How Long Blues (Leroy Carr) How long babe how long Has that evenin' train been gone? How long, how, how long, baby how long?   Went and asked at the station: 'why's my baby leavin' town?' You were disgusted, nowhere could peace be found For how long, how, how long, [...]
In The Mood Words & Music by Andy Razaf & Joe Garland, 1939 Recorded by Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1940 (#1) Also recorded by The Andrews Sisters (1944)   G Who's the livin' daddy with the beautiful eyes?   G What a pair of lips -- I'd like to try [...]
Jailhouse Rock The warden threw a party in the county jail. The prison band was there and they began to wail. The band was jumpin' and the joint began to swing. You should've heard those knocked out jailbirds sing. Let's rock, everybody, let's rock. Everybody in the whole cell block [...]